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Probate Escrow Services

Probate Escrow

When someone dies, their estate must typically go through probate, a legal process through which any existing will must be proven valid, property is identified and inventoried, outstanding debts and taxes are paid, and property is distributed according to the will. In the absence of a will, a judge will decide how assets are distributed based on state law.

Unfortunately, probate does not always proceed smoothly. Title-related problems are one of the most common issues that affect the transfer of real estate in probate cases. Sometimes, a title is vested differently than heirs expect. For example, a spouse, former spouse, or other relative may have an ownership interest in the property. This issue can sometimes be resolved fairly quickly by filing an affidavit of death of joint tenant, but it can also lead to very costly delays. It is important to have an experienced escrow company manage all the complexities associated with a probate sale and to ensure the probate escrow services are handled correctly and efficiently.

Probate Escrow Services

Ultimate Escrow Services Inc. has represented many homeowners who have decided to sell their home without the assistance of a real estate agent. You can trust that we will bring our decades of experience and knowledge to the transaction to meet all legal requirements and avoid potential roadblocks. Upon request, we will also help you prepare a real estate written escrow agreement that states what happens to escrow funds if there is a dispute between the seller and buyer. We can also provide a list of local companies that can help with other real estate services, such as title insurance and home inspections.

Ultimate Escrow handles all aspects of probate escrow transactions.

  • Provide full-service escrow management of your ownership challenged or probate transaction.
  • Respond quickly to any and all communications.
  • Keep all parties informed of the escrow progress.
  • Utilize a proactive approach to identify and respond to any roadblocks.
  • Prorate taxes, dues, and utilities.
  • Instruct the title company when it is time to record documents.
  • Prepare settlement statements.
  • Remain in compliance with all local, state, and federal real estate regulations.
  • Obtain documentation to clear liens.
  • Order disclosures, reports, documents, and pay-off demands.
  • Disburse funds and documents to close escrow.

Professional Escrow Services

Ultimate Escrow Services Inc. will work to ensure your transaction proceeds as quickly as possible. Our skilled escrow officers are proactive by managing your transaction daily, and responding to any communications immediately in order to resolve issues that could delay closing.

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DBO License #963-1901