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Holdings Escrow Services

Holdings Escrow

Specialty Holdings Escrow

Ultimate Escrow is here to assist you by offering a wide variety of non-traditional escrow services. We are experienced with not only traditional real estate purchases but also specialty holdings and cash holdings transactions. If funds need to change hands, we can provide escrow services for you. Whether your sale or purchase involves documents, deeds, stock holdings, cash money, or any other asset, Ultimate Escrow is your best choice for escrow services. Call us today.

Holding escrows do not involve the transfer or encumbrance of real estate (real property) like it would in the traditional sale and refinance transactions. A Holding Escrow is usually a two-party agreement to hold funds pending the satisfaction of conditions in accordance with the agreed-upon set of terms.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Whether complex or simple, allow our seasoned professionals to guide you through the process, showing you why so many clients turn to our expertise and know-how to get the job done. Some examples of the different types of holding escrows that Ultimate Escrow can handle include:

  • Tenant Relocation
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • EB5 / Immigration Visa
  • Vessels / Boats / Yachts
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Contract Disputes
  • Insurance Settlements
  • Movie, Film, and TV Special Production
  • Stock Sales
  • Surrogacy Funds
  • Rental Deposits or Leases
  • Domain Names
  • Cannabis product transfers (All by-products and derivatives of the plant, including seeds)
  • On-going service contracts¬†
  • Farm Equipment
  • Tower Cranes and Construction Equipment

Holding Escrows (Personal Property Escrows)

Ultimate Escrow is an independent escrow company licensed, educated and a respected authority in the area of Holding Escrows. We provide comprehensive, insured, secure holding services for a wide array of circumstances.

A holding escrow is unique in that the service can only be provided by a licensed, insured and bonded company with a proven track record and Escrow Officers with the specialized experience required for non-traditional escrow transactions. With stringent protocols for privacy, years of experience and exceeding our insured requirements, Ultimate Escrow Services, Inc consistently exceeds all industry standards.

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Ultimate Escrow Services, Inc.

DBO License #963-1901