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Residential Escrow

Residential escrows have become more complex escrow closings recently due to the changes in state and federal laws over the last decade such the roll out of TRID (the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure) by way of the CFPB. Ultimate Escrow is an independent, full-service escrow company

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Commercial Escrow

Commercial escrows involve the transferring of any type of property other than residential real estate. This type of transaction may involve note sales (also known as “tapes”), retail property, commercial and industrial property, office buildings, apartment complexes, and hotels,

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R.E.O. Escrow

Real Estate Owned properties make up a large portion of inventory, and these transactions are notoriously complex and frustrating. Ultimate Escrow Services Inc. handles large volumes of REO properties with the experience necessary to ensure a streamlined escrow process.

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Bulk Sale Escrow

Bulk sale escrows can be defined as an escrow agreement placed on the sale of inventory, business assets, or a company. The escrow is designed to protect the assets of both secured and unsecured creditors. It is designed to eliminate

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Refinance Escrow

At Ultimate Escrow, our Escrow Officers have decades of experience handling complex refinance escrow accounts with the dedication and knowledge necessary to resolve hurdles and avoid unnecessary complications that could delay

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Probate Escrow

When someone dies, their estate must typically go through probate, a legal process through which any existing will must be proven valid, property is identified and inventoried, outstanding debts and taxes are paid, and property is distributed

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Short Sale Escrow

A short sale is a real estate sale in which the home’s sale price is less than the amount still owed on the property’s loan. Homeowners alone cannot decide to do a short sale, as this type of transaction requires the lender’s approval.

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F.S.B.O.  Escrow

For a number of homeowners, choosing to do a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sale of their home/property is a smart choice. Of course, while the financial savings may be significant, a FSBO is also more complicated and time-consuming than

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Holding Escrow

Ultimate Escrow is here to assist you by offering a wide variety of non-traditional escrow services. We are experienced with not only traditional real estate purchases but also specialty holdings and cash holdings transactions. If funds need to change

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