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Refinance Escrow Services

Refinance Escrow

At Ultimate Escrow, our Escrow Officers have decades of experience handling complex refinance escrow accounts with the dedication and knowledge necessary to resolve hurdles and avoid unnecessary complications that could delay your closing and because a refinance can turn up a variety of challenges and delays, it is very important to work with an escrow company that has experience with refinance transactions with a proactive strategy to address problems before they can delay closing.

The Parties involved in Refinance Escrows

The parties involved in a refinance include the property owner, the original lender, the new lender,the title company and the escrow company which oversees the entire process. The Escrow Officer overseeing the refinance transaction will make sure the new lender provides the funds that will pay off the original mortgage, with sufficient funds to pay the closing costs. The escrow process will also require a verification that the property is free of any liens, unpaid loans, or back taxes that may have accumulated since the original mortgage was issued.

Professional Escrow Services

Ultimate Escrow Services Inc. will work to ensure your transaction proceeds as quickly as possible. Our skilled escrow officers are proactive by managing your transaction daily, and responding to any communications immediately in order to resolve issues that could delay closing.

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